“For anyone in virtually any professional discipline in the submarine cable industry, Sunil Tagare’s blog is a must read. Sunil brings decades of real world entrepreneurial subcom experience to play in providing a no holds barred, candid and transparent multi-disciplinary perspective to the most topical subcom industry issues across all seven oceans. Whether you agree or disagree with any particular blog post, and you will almost never come away indifferent, Sunil’s industry blogs  are never dull or irrelevant. I eagerly read them all from beginning to end and almost always come away better informed. ”

Andrew D. Lipman, Partner, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, USA

“Mr. Sunil Tagare had visited to KDD Headquarter building in Tokyo at 25 years ago. He asked to invest to his invented FLAG project. I was Director of Submarine Cable Department at that time and I did not like PRIVATE cable to be frank. I had believed common carriers can construct any submarine cable in the world and no need to help from private investors.  However, I changed my mind because of his enthusiasm and toughness to sell his idea.   He said he visited more than 100 companies to get cooperating company in USA.  Finally, he got one investor to FLAG project.  He loves submarine cable industry strongly. I think submarine cable is his life. I am looking forward to seeing him and continuously talking the future submarine cable industry.  Let’s enjoying fruity beer!”

Dr. Yasuhiko Niiro, Ex-President, KDD Submarine Cable Systems and also known as the Father of fiberoptic submarine cables due to his role as Chief Engineer in the early development of the technology, Japan

“OpenCables has been a source of important and timely information that has become invaluable to our business growth and strategic decisions.  It is entertaining as well and I eagerly look forward to receiving it.”

Steven Kasower, CEO, Digital Transportation Corp. , USA

“We are a Singapore based high-frequency trading firm and constantly on the lookout for the lowest latency circuits we can find.  Not only did Sunil help us in locating various sources for our requirements, we also were fascinated by his blog on submarine cables which was an eye-opening experience as a user of the bandwidth.  Sunil’s blog is always entertaining with interesting stories and keeps us glued until the end and we are always looking forward to his blog.”

Vinay Poddar, Head of Operations, EIS Global Pte. Ltd., Singapore

“OpenCables brings a timely and unique perspective to the submarine cable industry. Our industry is well served by having a candid view shared with all that forces us to re-assess conventional wisdom.”

Larry Schwartz, Chairman & CEO, Seaborn Networks, USA and Bermuda

“I have known Sunil since the last 25 years and I look forward to his views on the industry. OpenCables blog has opened up a new window in to the industry of submarine cables and in my role as regulator it has helped me to better understand the fundamental role that submarine cables play in international connectivity.”

José S. Barros, Director of External Affairs, ANACOM (Regulator), Portugal

“J’ai le plaisir de connaître Neil depuis très longtemps, au moins 30 ans, et je ne manque jamais de le lire. Je trouve toujours un grand intérêt à ses commentaires pertinents et colorés sur notre activité. Toujours remarquablement informé, Neil a un grand sens du marketing et une grande capacité d’analyse.  Il est franc et honnête et n’a pas la langue dans sa poche. Il est exigeant pour ceux dont il attend beaucoup, doux pour les petits et rude pour les forts. Je recommande à tous ceux qui rejoignent notre industrie de bien lire les textes de Neil. Cerise sur le gâteau, ceux qui comme moi n’ont pas l’anglais comme langue maternelle, savoureront son parler comme on boit du petit lait.”

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Neil for at least 30 years and I never fail to read him. I always find great interest in his relevant and colorful comments about our industry. Always remarkably informed, Neil has a great sense of marketing and a great capacity for analysis. He is frank and honest and has no tongue in his pocket. He is demanding for those whom he expects a lot, sweet for the small and rough for the strong. I recommend to all those who join our industry to read Neil’s texts with great care. The icing on the cake is that those, like me, who do not have English as their mother tongue will enjoy his speaking that they will lap it up!”

Jean Devos, Senior Adviser, AQUEST, Ex-Deputy GM, Alcatel Submarine Networks, Ex-Vice President Subcom, France

“I’ve known Neil for about 25 years.  My company at the time was involved in laying the FLAG cable shore ends and also worked with him on Project Oxygen. I’ve followed his blog from the start and find it an excellent source of news on new cable systems, technology, regulatory issues and much more.  Neil’s views on many topics involving telecommunications and submarine cables are certainly shared by many in the industry.  But Neil has the courage to express his views in print.”

Jim Schweigert, Senior Consultant, Ocean Systems Consultancy Pte. Ltd., Singapore

“I have known Sunil since the early days of FLAG. He was interesting and at times unconventional then and still is today. Aside from a good source of information Sunil’s blog is a source of ideas and especially alternative approaches to whatever the status quo is in our industry in any one year. Sunil tells it like he sees it from the perspective of years of involvement as opposed to how Corporate PR outfits would like it to be seen.”

John Tibbles, Owner, JTIC, Ex-Telstra, Worldcom, MCI, U.K.

“I know Mr Sunil Tagare, a real Guru of Submarine Cable technology, economics, business and more than any thing else politics. He is always willing to share the lesser known and misunderstood realities of Submarine Cable ecosystems through his blogs on regular basis. These are great learning experiences for me for which I am grateful to Sunil Jee, Looking forward towards future. “

Satya Narain Gupta, Director, SAAM CorpAdvisors Pvt. Ltd., India

“For many people, submarine cables remain entirely invisible. Tagare’s OpenCables is one of the few places where readers can find candid, open discussion about the cable industry. But this is not your typical forecast, tech news, or market report. It dives right into politics, directly and without hesitation. Sunil holds nothing back (prompting responses of all kinds!) and reports on his readers’ replies. The result is an information source that is not simply information by itself–it is a story stretching from history to the future of the cable industry. Tagare’s writing is often a hit in my classroom. Students who know nothing about the industry are suddenly motivated by OpenCables to learn more.”

Nicole Starosielski, Associate Professor of Media, Culture and Communication, New York University (NYU) and Author of The Undersea Network, USA

“A must have in your market intelligence library. A truthful, expert knowledge and unique perspective of the Subsea Industry segment.”

Roberto Miranda, Former VP of Sales, Telxius Cable, Spain

“I have read your articles which made deep impression on me. I enjoy your articles on Hengtong because I learn so many new things about my own company.”

Hallow Zhang, Account Manager, Hengtong, China

“I have Known Sunil going back to his FLAG and the Project Oxygen days whilst I was still at AT&T. He is a guru and a very important source of reliable data. Sunil’s connections globally and grasp of this every evolving sector is second to none.”

Mike Singh, Chairman & CEO, Telkom Caribe, Guyana

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